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Serisvape in Great British Vape Expo

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Update time : 2018-05-14 18:04:58
The Three-day Vape Expo in Birmingham, which was called one of the biggest e-cigarattes exhibition in the world ended on May 6, 2018. More than 150 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors from different countries took part in this exhibition. As new industry, the scale and production value of vape market increased speedily in past 3 years in UK. E-cigs is becoming common and familiar consumption product in British daily life. You can see free duty vape products in the airport. You can see vapors standing outside the station. You can see people walking on the street with their breakfast and e-cigarattes mod in hands.

As exhibitor and manufacturer, Serisvape company also participated in this significant event held in Birmingham National Exhibition Centre. Serisvape Technology Co,.Ltd, which is located in Shenzhen China, s'pecialized in mechanical e-cigarattes hardware more than 3 years. We have own factory equipped with more than 20 sets high accuracy CNC machines and professional designers and engineers. The representatives Alice and Jax took the products innovated and manufactured by Serisvape attended to this exhibition and showed to the distributors, resellers, visitors and reviewers.

In our booth B203, you can see our products displaying on two shelves, like Cavalry mod kit, Closers BF box mod kit, Bomb UFO 1.5 rdta, Glory rda, Joker rda, Golden Armor rda, Miracle rda adapter and new product Samo rda, pod system ecigs, all-in-one e-liquid dropper, Vikings mod. It’s easy to find that the regular vape box mod and tank are mainstream products in the exhibition halls, but the mechanical vape devices are still hot among the vapors, especially for superior vape users. General atomizers match mechanical mods always have excellent performance to give off big cloud, which attract lots of vapors since they were invented.


holes. Bomb UFO rdta has smart construction and various functions. Miracle rda adapter can show the power of battery and protect the mechanical mod from over loading. Samo rda has big screws which is convenient to set coils, it’s beast symbol logo attracted lots of eyesight. Disposable ecigs kit and pod system O-Pod kit show the innovation ability of the professional mechanical vape hardware manufacturer. EJ-Drop feeder makes liquid filling much more convenient. Vikings mod fused the culture of Vking and Vape.
All these bright points attracted lots of distributors, resellers, visitors and reviewers in the hall, who spoke highly of our products and showed cooperative purpose. They communicated deeply with us. Many of they took out their wallet then bought the samples to test and for themselves daily taking. To most people in vape industry, Serisvape is still new brand and new manufacturer that they did not hear frequently. Some distributors and resellers offered precious and feasible suggestions to our products. We appreciate that a lot. No body is perfect in the world, so does a vape product, an atomizer, a mod. With the help and suggestions from our friends, we know how to make our products better, we know how to produce more practical and out-standing vape hardware, we know the direction to develop and upgrade. The most important, we have more confidence to be a next big brand in near future.
Roman was not built in one day. Let’s stand together to wait for the blooming.

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